Saturday, 18 April 2015

I Must Go Down To The Seas Again

Last weekend Alex and I did what we do best when we meet up and had a massive cooked breakfast. We're making our way round the city sampling all the breakfasts on offer and this weekend we stopped by The Rude Shipyard.
First things first, I love this place. It's a quaint and quirky bookshop/café on Abbeydale Road and is a pretty cool place to go and just chill. It's an absolute wonderland. It's full of cosy rooms with creaky floorboards and of course books! Lots and lots of books (plus the odd banjo). It's the perfect place for a folk performance.
I'm usually all about the pancakes when it comes to breakfast but this time we both had a full English. Alex had a regular and I went for the veggie version and it was beautiful. All homemade and free range.

There are loads of really nice characteristic features like the table having an old Singer sewing base beneath it! There was also a room with an old banjo and mandolin in and not to mention the beautiful original wooden floorboards. It's actually a really nice building and would be lovely to live in, well I suppose it will have been someone's home at one point!


So it's definitely the place to go if you're after somewhere a little more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of the city centre. We both said we're definitely going to go more regularly and luckily it's not too far from where me and Ben are moving to.

Don't forget to check out Alex's post on it too!


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