Saturday, 20 September 2014

Candy Cane Child

All through my childhood and teenage years I've been a huge tomboy. My mum always put me in dungarees or trousers because there was just no point in putting me in a dress. I've spent a hell of a lot of time up trees and making dens.
When I was 11, me and my best friend loved The White Stripes so much that we vowed to only ever wear red, white and black for the rest of our days. Then I went through my 'alternative' period in my teens where we all loved The Strokes, The Libertines, Kings of Leon etc. The Strokes are actually the reason I bought my first pair of Converse!
So you see all my idols were men. I wanted to be just like them, and this subsequently is why I own this man's shirt from Top Man. It didn't even cross my mind at the time (about 8 years ago) to find a woman's version. To me it was just a cool shirt. Red with white stripes, how could I not!?

I'm posting about it today because it's days are numbered. It has six days left to be exact. I'm going to an event on Friday called Don't Bin It, Snip & Trim It! with my friend Claire. It's gonna be an evening of cutting up old clothes that have had their day and re styling them into something new, like a purse or a cushion cover or whatever.

So fare thee well old friend, well I can't say I remember ever wearing you actually. Nevermore shall I look like some kind of butcher/barber shop/50's ice cream server!

I shall hopefully style it into something new on Friday so I'll keep you all posted on how it turns out unless it's a complete write off. But I'd probably tell you about that too.

Anyone else ever dreamed of being a man?!


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