Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Project 365: Week 15

Day 93: Me and Alex went out for breakfast and afterwards went over to haggler's Corner which is a courtyard of artists studios with a coffee house thrown in for good measure. We went through a door not realising that it was a studio until we got to the top. I guess someone forgot to lock their door! It was cool to have a look around inside.  

Day 94: The Sheffield half marathon went right past our door and there were LOADS!!

Day 95: Al came round for tea and had a go on the old banj.

Day 96: Sunday morning breakfast done right. Ben always gets us some pastries to have on a Sunday morning while we watch the grand prix.
Day 97: We drove out into the Peaks to find this cactus nursery in Matlock only to discover it wasn't open. So we kept driving and saw some really pretty villages and stopped in Hartington for a quick pint before coming home. Oh and we accidentally wore the same outfit! D'OH!

Day 98: Some lovely spring berries!
Day 99: After driving round the Peaks a few days ago and then to and from work, my full tank went down by two bars. I got in it this morning to find that it had magically gone back up to full!! Haha it might not have been worth a photo but it made me smile!
Hope your week's going well.

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