Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Brodsworth Hall + Gardens

Not long ago I went to Doncaster to look around Brodsworth Hall and it's enormous period gardens. I went with my mum, sister, brother and his wife and kids and we saw some really interesting stuff.
The house itself is one of the only country houses still left in it's victorian splendour. It was originally a family residence that's been inherited, sold, bought again, destroyed and then rebuilt over many generations.
English Heritage have been in possession of it since the 1990's and have chosen to leave the interior just how it is and has been since the 1860's.
I must say, the rooms were a lot smaller than I expected. I thought they would be extravagant spaces to walk around in but they were quite average sized, there were just many, many of them!

My favourite part of the day was walking round the gardens. They're divided into four sections;

  • The Italian Garden with fountains, urns and statues.
  • The Formal Gardens with wide lawns for croquet, tennis etc 
  • The Grove had lovely winding paths along ornamental landscapes
  • The Rose Garden was designed like a leaf with paths representing the veins and was seriously vibrant in colour!

There was one thing about this place that I really loved. All the pets that had been in the family have been buried in their own pet cemetery at the bottom of the garden!! They're mostly dogs but there is a parrot buried there too. I love when animals are held in such high regard.


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