Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Creative Directory: Prints N Patterns

In a sentence:
Take an inherited vintage sewing machine, a love of striking fabrics and of course a hell of a lot of time and you get the handmade pouches and of Prints N Patterns.  
Sample the goods:

Red Chevron Herringbone Large Cosmetic Pouch

Blue Elephants by Kokka Pencil Case

 My favourite:

Lined Paper Fabric Pencil Case
I really like this one because at first sight I thought it was just an unusual fabric made into a pouch but it's actually been machine embroidered to look like lined paper and then the message has been hand stitched on. How quirky! It's such a good idea and looks fab.

Yoke is from Singapore and like many of us, has sat down at her sewing machine and created something from nothing. That something ended up being these bright and brilliant pouches and bags. They're made with fabrics by different designers and are chosen for their bold and colourful patterns.
They've naturally become very popular and so she's been shipping them off all over the world. So hello independent maker, consider yourself supported!

 Where you can find her:

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