Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tents, Tors + Chickens

We got back today from our mini camping trip in Edale. We somehow managed to get a week off together so we've jammed a load of plans into a short amount of time, therefore, one night of camping!
As you can see in the photos above it was the tiniest tent ever. With the wind and rain last night I wasn't sure it was still gonna be over our heads when we woke up! 
It was so cool waking up to animal noises though, the field next to us had sheep in and major plus - chickens wandering around! 
They were the first to greet us when we arrived and first to wake us up in the morning!! 

We went on a really long walk in the late afternoon with the intention of making it to the top of Mam Tor which is one of the many hills of the Peak District. 

I shot a whole film on the way up and luckily managed to get 2 photos from the very top before it finished. You end up taking so many more than it actually feels like you have, I totally wasn't expecting the film to end when it did. I suppose I did take quite a lot of sheep, I couldn't resist though, they kept coming up to me and looking directly at me!
There were so many beautiful views all the way up. We even saw a couple of dead sheep in various stages of decomposition which was pretty cool.

These two below are from the very top. It was quite a tough trek up there and the weather didn't help. It was that kind of weather that you just can't dress right for. One minute it was chucking it down and the next it was blaring sun. Glad to have made it though.

And finally from Ben's phone, my not so graceful arrival at the top!

Thank God! Now back down to the pub!

(photos were taken with a Konica Minolta Dynax 3000i)