Saturday, 17 September 2016

A Quick Reminder

Hey guys, just to remind you of my new blog Hang It Up over on Wordpress!

I've recently been blogging about my holiday to Amsterdam with my friend Beth so check it out :)

The Wurst Women In Europe: Part 1

The Wurst Women In Europe: Part 2


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I'm Moving!

Guys! I've decided to move over to Wordpress as many of us have. Doesn't it just look so much cleaner? However, I couldn't be bothered/lack the technical ability to 'export' everything over so I'm just starting afresh. New blog, new name, new everything.

I'm going through a bit of a transition in my life anyway, me and Ben are no longer together and I'm now subsequently living alone and so this is the perfect time to start again.

My new blog is called Hang It Up seeing as that's what I seem to be doing with every aspect of my life at the moment, and my first post was about a skull I collected from the Peak District recently and am currently cleaning.
I've not started with any kind of introductory post, I've just seamlessly transitioned straight into it. Again, what I do best in life! So this will be my last post from Salt Deep and I hope to see you over on the new one :)

If you're sweet enough to follow me on here you should head on over and follow me over there. We can still be friends!

Although, I really don't get Wordpress yet so leave me a comment with your blog address in so I can follow you from there!

Bye blogger, it's been fun


Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Kilmuir Cemetery, Isle of Skye

Okay so I totally forgot about this post from the gang's holiday to the Isle of Skye back in March! Whoops. Never mind, it's being posted now!
So after a solid three days of climbing Munros, walking through valleys and finding skulls on the sides of mountains (oh yes!) - I spent the last day on my own on what became a tour of the Island's cemeteries.
The first two I saw on this day were a roadside cemetery and then St. Columba's Isle which you can read about here.
The last one was Kilmuir cemetery which I almost decided against as it was right on the coast at the very top of the Island. I read a bit about it online though and thought when am I next gonna be here? and so I went.
It was such a beautiful drive up there and on the way I stopped in the little seaside town of Portree for some lunch. A kinda weird coincidence also happened. In the car I was listening to Bob Dylan's album Time Out Of Mind and the last song is called Highlands. The weird thing is that he sings about doing everything I was doing. Being in Scotland obviously, about how he's travelling around and stops in a cafe and also mentions how it must be a holiday because there's no one around. It was bank holiday Monday when I was out too! 
Haha anyway, the cemetery...

It's the resting place of Flora MacDonald who is famous for having helped Bonnie Prince Charlie leave the island and escape capture after the Battle of Culloden in 1746.