Monday, 10 February 2014

Re - Gingered

Ah, that feels better!
It always feels good to get back to the colour you love after leaving it so long - and I love being ginger!
I hadn't dyed it since December just before we went on holiday and that was at the hairdressers. Well it's a bit pricey to have it professionally done every two months so I thought I'd do it myself this time. That of course means risking all sorts of mishaps, and of course, they occurred! Actually nothing too extreme to be honest, just a slight case of uneven coverage and I didn't leave it on my roots long enough to begin with so they're still a little darker. Overall though I'm not too concerned and I definitely do love it. 
Now I've just got to put the hard work in to maintaining it. (Cold showers throughout winter! Yay!)
I've dabbled with many different makes and shades of copper and this particular one is L'Oreal Sublime Mousse in Flaming Copper.
I'm really loving this one, think I'll stay with it for a while.

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