Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Current Loves: Chie Mihara

My Goodness. What a discovery.

Lurton T
Bandera Cream

Tamer Black

You may already have blessed your feet with them, but I've just recently come across these and I can't say I've ever seen such beautiful shoes.
What can I say really? Just look at them. The colours are so attractive. 
They're not cheap, but then excellent quality never is. 
They're created by Japanese shoe designer Chie Mihara who you can read all about on her website, along with the newest collection.

 My personal favourites are the Brizna Cuero. I endeavour to own these!

Brizna Cuero

 And the red Lurtons. Just beautiful.

All the photos are from the Chie Mihara homepage. You should go check them out and put some colour in your step!

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