Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Not So Distant Past (In Pictures)

I've recently been looking through my boxes of photos. Sorting and organising and having a blast seeing how much things have changed over the last four years.
Mickey's gone from being a young dog to a mature, older male - and a fine specimen at that! He'll be about a year old or younger here and he's just had his 5th birthday last month. From looking at the photos I can really see how grey he's become - no doubt since adopting Toby!
I'm also inspired to go out on more photography outings with Ben. We used to drive out to places all over North Yorkshire quite frequently but haven't as much since university got in the way.
It can be a goal for this year, to go out on more exploration/photography days and take more photos like these!

I love going through old photos, seeing a particular moment in time captured and being taken back to it (like how much hair I used to have!)
Anyway I wanted to share them here with you all and remind you to dust off your own photo albums and relive the past!

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