Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Project 365: Week 25

Day 163: Going through all the stuff that the last occupant left in the cellar and discovered, along with hundreds of books, such treasures as a camera, cowboy boot (singular), photo of woman with tarantula and best of all... someone's personal (and oh so apathetic) diary! Bingo!

 Day 164: I've put this on the wall in the studio where I can see it as I sit and attempt to be creative. Thanks Frankie!

Day 165: I've been on my travels recently to lovely old York to see some friends. More on that later!

Day 166: More house plants!! These ones are gifts from my mum and are flowering!

Day 167: Me, Ben and my sister Sophie went to The Rude Shipyard for tea the other day. Here's me not actually playing a banjo because it was so very out of tune. Not that I would have anyway!
Day 168: Ahhh so cute! Not ashamed to say I was excited to use some of these stickers this week! >.<
Day 169: A week off work so you know what that means! I'm sure we've seen this design before...
What have you been up to lately?

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