Thursday, 4 June 2015

Project 365: Week 22

Day 142: I spent the weekend at my mum's house having a craft filled time with my niece Holly. It's been a right blast! We've done all sorts and I'm pretty sure I've managed to sew the hooping seed!

 Day 143: Sat out in mum's garden and this little fella came to say hello.

 Day 144: On Sunday I had a real urge to start some knitting so here's the beginning of a pair of socks for Holly in her fave colour. It's such a nice wool.

Day 146: Me and my friend Ben from work did a 5k run together. It's the one where I bet him ten pounds that I would get a better time than him. (I like to make outrageous bets that I'm certain to lose for some reason). In the end, after all the smacktalk, he was nice enough to run round at my pace and even let me win at the end. It was a really fun day, and my pedometer said I did it in 47 steps!

Day 147: De-podding peas and beans together brings back memories of living in York! Ben made a lovely frittella palermitana, a dish of artichoke, peas and broad beans.


Day 148: Been checking out the work of Martha Ellen Smith and getting preeetty tempted. I also dedicated this weeks Creative Directory post to her.

Day 149: Oh I love this! I accidentally took a photo of myself with the laptop camera when I was watching all the outtakes of myself playing guitar.  


 Hope your week's going well so far

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