Friday, 26 June 2015

Ye Olde York

On Tuesday I decided to go to York to see some friends. I have the week off work and my old school friend Florence is back from California and my other school friends Lee and Aron have moved back to the area too so I thought what better time than now to go see them. My plan was to meet up with Florence first when she finished work at 3pm, so I booked my train to get into York for 12 so I would have three hours to do some solitary wandering round my old home.
Unfortunately I didn't get chance to see Lee and Aron so we're gonna rearrange something soon. Nevermind though, I had a blast walking round the city and reminding myself how nice the architecture is here and I did meet up and have a really good day with Florence. That deserves it's own post though so more on our mini adventure soon!
I must have looked like a tourist with the amount of photo's I was taking. I deliberately didn't go walking round the centre where the shops are. I didn't go to shop, I went to revisit old memories and capture them. So I went wandering round the narrow side streets, cobbled courtyards and even sweet little everyday houses. I even revisited the riverside which I used to walk along into town when me and Ben had our first date. I went to Fulford too to see the Cemetery (that'll get it's own post soon). Also to my all time favourite independent vintage shop Bowler (more on that in the next Creative Directory post).
So here are a collection of photos for you to enjoy of the lovely city of York. Maybe one day you'll visit and see for yourself.
The Rock of York

St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church

The Minster



I went to see Florence up in Clifford's Tower where she showed me around and took me right up to the top. The panoramic views were amazing. It felt good to be back in York!

on the horizon you can see the old Terry's chocolate factory

you can see the minster in the background here

the building on the right is the York Castle Prison where Dick Turpin was imprisoned before being hanged by the Knavesmire


 I think since I've moved away from York, I kind of enjoy it more. I wonder if any of you have found that this happens? I get genuinely excited when I go on a day trip there even though I used to be able to walk into the centre whenever I wanted. It'll always be a joy to visit York.


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