Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Snapshots from February 2015

So this month I had my 24th birthday which was made even better by having two weeks off work. My friend Beth came up again and we went to King Bee at The Shakespeare which is a mod/soul night. It's no doubt the best night out in Sheffield, for me anyway. It's full of cool cats. I've never before walked into a place and just felt like this is my scene like I do at King Bee!

The People

Also, I spent the next weekend with my long lost friend Florence. Oh Florence, how shall I describe thee. She's the Duke to my Gonzo, the Withnail to my Marwood, the Chris Chambers to my Teddy DuChamp etc etc haha you get the picture. I hate how life has changed and we don't see each other everyday like we did at school. The last time I saw her was 18 months ago! She's very elusive and is back and forth between York, Manchester and bloody California so it was weird that all of a sudden here she is sleeping in my bed!
We sat in a couple of coffee shops and had a massive catch up then came home and watched serial killer documentaries. I'm gonna make sure we don't go anywhere near another 18 months before we meet up again.

The Food

The Hair

Well my hair has been thoroughly tortured this month. I've surely dyed it more this month than ever before in my life. The best way to document it is probably a list.

- Started off pearl blonde then the dark roots grew out.
- Put a platinum dye on them and they went yellow.
- Put a pearl dye on and they were still yellow.
- Put some toner on and the white hair went purple, roots were still yellow.
- Put another platinum dye on and purple hair went pink, roots were a lighter yellow.
- Put ANOTHER platinum dye on all over and thought whatever the hell happens it's gonna stay that way.

This is all within about three weeks, yeah I'm surprised I've still got any hair left at all.

So to sum up, I currently have white untoned hair with slightly yellow roots but a crystal clear, toned fringe. Oh and now the roots are coming through again. Believe me though, I am DONE with being blonde!!! If you're thinking about doing it - don't do it!!

The Posts

◊ Matched my Orla Kiely blouse with an understated pinafore dress in Patterns + A Pinafore.
◊ I shared some facts about me in my It's My Birthday! post.
◊ Put the stars on my nails in Starry Night Nails.
◊ And of course my project 365 posts, this month has seen weeks five, six, seven and eight.

In Other News

I've been asked by Claire who's a UK Coffee Week ambassador if I'd like to produce some coffee related artwork to be displayed in coffee shops around Sheffield which is very cool. So I'm gonna be getting started on that right away!


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