Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Creative Directory: Lee Lund


In a sentence:
Illustrator Lee Lund has risen from the fires of Carlisle, bringing with him a bold fresh style much influenced by the Vikings and Norse culture.

Sample the goods:

Branding for a craft beer brewery

Book of London graffiti translated into stories

Booklet explain how to build a Viking Longship
Design to encourage students to get themselves 'to the library!'


Based in York and having studied at the University of Cumbria, Lee's style is quite heavily lead by the Vikings, who were scary people. He also likes drawing a lot of skulls and wolves which are equally scary things to look at. On the other hand, Lee himself is quite the friendly fellow so it all works out in the end, especially for Lee who may or may not have been Loki in a past life.

So there he is; beer branding, ship building, library graphics, tattoo designs.... that should pretty much cover all your illustration needs surely?
Plus he's currently working on a logo for pop punk band You Know Nothing and more craft beer designs.

Here's where you can find him:

and you can contact him directly at

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