Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Project 365: Week 14

Day 86: The first few days of actual warmth and it's been so good.
Day 87: Garden gathering for Joe's 29th. Here's his 'birthday dog' face! It was a really nice night around the fire with everyone.

Day 88: I've been hooping in the garden loads since it's been nice and warm. Here's my 'isopop' which could do with being a tad straighter. I like how freaky my arm looks though!

Day 89: Easter Sunday! Ben got us some really good chocolate. A banoffee egg (what the hell!?) and some custard flavoured, egg shape chocolate slabs! Haha weird and wonderful!

 Day 90: My first shift in the bakery and let's just say I could have done better.  It was really enjoyable, I got to spend all day with just myself and radio 6 music which is all I need, but it was hard! Anyway here's me bagging up the cookies.
Day 91: Love me some polka dots!
Day 92: Mmm creamy ghostly-ness!

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