Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Five Favourite Reads

Here we go guys, get comfy and check these out.

Rain Fall by Desirae at Tennessee Rose

Love the shirt, love the skirt, love the knee highs and then wham! - love the shoes the most! Very cute, 60's vibes going on here.

Citrus by Jo at Lost In The Haze

The gorgeous Jo of Lost In The Haze looking as cute as always. More 60's vibes from this one. I think since I got all bee-hived up at Halloween I've been noticing them all over. I think it's a really awesome hairstyle. It's an everyday kind of dressed-up look. Jo here pulls it off perfectly with this dress and oh my god THE BAG!!

Festive DIY - Hot Chocolate Stirrers by Emma at Oh Gosh 

Who doesn't love a good recipe post? Especially when it's freakin' hot chocolate on a stick! She's got a whole tag dedicated to DIY projects. Some of them are homey, some are foody and others are boozey. I especially like the cakey ones.

Postcards From Prague by Nancy at The Nancy Wilde Experience

There are some really amazing photos in this post. I love architecture especially art nouveau architecture and Prague is somewhere I definitely plan to visit at some point and to be there when the Christmas markets are on must be wonderful. There's a real sense of liveliness captured in these photos that I think is worth sharing with you all.

Tennis Skirt & White Blouse by Thelma at Thelma Romu

I'm really digging shirts tucked into something high waisted at the moment. This one comes complete with white hair and a big hat so I'm sold. A nice touch of vamp in this one.


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