Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cute Handmade Bat Chains

Hey guys, long time no see! Hope you're having a spooky week of crisp golden mornings and pumpkin spiced evenings.
I've been a bit quiet recently and it's because my weekends have been a bit packed. They've been really fun but not the easiest to then blog about! I've stayed at my mum's new house, then I visited my friend Beth in Loughborough where we intended to see the Nottingham festival of words but instead jammed with the guitars all weekend - much more fun. 
Then this weekend we've just had Ben's old school friend Mattia staying with us. One thing I have had the spare time to do though is be a little bit crafty and make some cute as hell bat decorations for halloween - not that I need any more. Oh well!

I cut them out of some unwanted prints I did not so long ago, painted them and voila!


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