Friday, 26 December 2014

2014 In Outfits

Merry Christmas everyone! Crikey I've been so consumed by flaming puddings, fine port and finishing Breaking Bad (anyone else in love with Mike?) that I forgot this weeks Five Favourite Reads!
Anyhoo, onwards!
This year has seen the very beginnings of this blog. It's one year birthday is coming up next month and yet I'm still not sure what I'd categorise it as. Lifestyle most likely, I definitely had the intention of making it more of a fashion and outfits blog to begin with though, there's even been a what Ben wore.
They've been dotted here are there and I've learned a lot about how to set up an outfit shoot - preferably without the camera balancing on a drainpipe with the student neighbours watching out their windows!
Seeing as 2014 is coming to a close I thought I would round up my faves from this year, in lovely chronological order. I'm writing off the downright terrible ones and celebrating the alright ones.

So here we go, don't worry it probably wont be a very long post.

Peach Tea

Vintage Inspired

A Touch of Turquoise

Tularosa Lady

OK In The Woods

It's Cold Out There

Raiding Mum's Wardrobe

I do love a good outfit post. It's so satisfying to plan it, set it all up and actually take the photos and then be able to share what you've done afterwards. I'm constantly inspired by all your fashion posts aswell so I'm looking forward to seeing what else you've got. I hope you've all had a wonderfully merry time so far, I'm sure we'll all have loads of new gear to share with the world, I know I've got a very attractive pair of Timberlands coming my way!  

You can see a collection of my outfits on my Lookbook.  


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