Saturday, 15 March 2014

Big Earrings!

From Rue B
I love love love big earrings! If it's big and loud, I'll hang it from my ears, and if it can be described as art nouveau too then that's just perfect!
I must say, the majority of the earrings in my jewellery collection were not actually bought by me. The ever generous Ben, who knows my love for them only too well, has been kind enough to keep adorning my ears. Luckily for me he's also an avid appreciator of beautiful jewellery and has the same taste as me. He's just not a wearer of it, so that's my job!

 Here are some of my favourites

From Piggy
By Adriana Allen

From Jantar
From York Market
I'm a sucker for enamelling on jewellery, I loved doing it on my silversmithing course and it features heavily in my own jewellery designs. I also love art nouveau anything, especially jewellery, so the Alphonse Mucha ones were a great birthday present from my good friend Beth.

ginger's washing out already :(


  1. I love the chile ones!
    I always go for the smaller earrings, something about the dangling by the side of my head that puts me off.

    ~ K

    1. I know aren't they cute! Yeah the bigger ones definitely take some getting used to!