Sunday, 28 December 2014

This Week A Year Ago

This year has been mine and Ben's first Christmas together in our own place and it's been wonderful. Not quite as wonderful though as going back to visit family who can actually afford to have the heating on. The spirit of Christmas right there! Hah!
It got me thinking though of what we were up to this time last year, this week specifically. It was the week before the birth of this blog and it was spent living as Belgian locals in Saint-Gilles.

Looking back now at the first post, New Year In Brussels, I can see how new and inexperienced I was in terms of blogging. I can't believe how few photos there are because I didn't want to overload with them. I see now I should have blogged about the holiday in several parts. Now this isn't something I'm gonna do for all my old posts, it's a one off seeing as Brussels and the photos we took there are so beautiful, but I'm sharing with you the photos that never made it into the post which definitely should have. The bloody doors and door handles alone deserved a post of their own!


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