Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Five Favourite Reads

I love these. I've been doing some embroidery of my own lately and it's nice to see when someone else has a go too. This is such a sweet decoration for a tree too!

I know I live pretty central in this city, but cities, and I mean real bustling, American, sky scraper cities are quite exotic to me. These photos of the fog ghosting over the tips of the buildings are really beautiful. Makes me want to go there.

 How We Wore It: 10 Ways To Style Cardigans Right Now by Marlen at Messages On A Napkin

I think these 'How We Wore It' posts are so good. So much hard work goes into them and this one about cardigans is one I'm particularly interested in. I have a love hate relationship with cardigans. I guess I've just never found one that looked right. So yeah, this post is for me!

 Sheffield Antiques Quarter Christmas Market by Alex at Cobbles & The Country

My good friend and fellow crafter Alex recently had a wander around the Christmas market at the antiques quarter here in Sheffield. (I would have gone too but we were visiting family back in York). Anyway, it turns out the old Picture House was opened up to the public and filled with stalls and places to sit. The photo above is where the old screen would have been. How cool is that?

Move With The Season by Louise at Pandora

I saw this dress on someone else in blogland recently, I can't remember who it was now, but I do remember following all the links to find this dress and deliberating over it for a long time until I finally convinced myself I don't have the money to spend on 'unnecessaries' this close to Christmas. I'm now reconsidering my decision. Also being tempted back to ginger! Gahhh!


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