Monday, 24 March 2014

Goddards House & Gardens

I had a day off on Saturday so me and mum went to have a look around Goddards which is the family home of Noel Terry of Terry's Chocolate. Yes, I'm very proud to say that the Terry's Chocolate Orange that everyone loves originates from good old York!

The house is magnificent and is positioned really nicely. It's set back from the road out of view, with a lovely gatehouse where the groundskeeper would have lived. The architecture is arts and crafts style and the interior and furniture follows suit.
They want you to experience the home just as the Terry's did, so you're able to do things like order a sherry in the drawing room which was very novel!

Noel's children say they had the perfect, idyllic childhood growing up there and it becomes obvious why when you step out into the 4 acre garden. Not just a large expanse of grass though, it has wonderful little nooks and crannies and pathways leading to who knows where. Not to mention a bowling green, tennis lawn and to top it off a huge rocky pond hidden away in the wilderness at the bottom.
You could get lost in it for hours.

So glad the weather was nice for it too. If you're ever in York you should definitely visit!


  1. Wow I wish I had known this place had existed - it looks lovely! It's probably really bad that even growing outside of York I've never heard of this place!

    1. It was really lovely, the garden was just something else. It's so set back from the road, I've driven past it many times and not seen it!