Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bringing It All Back Home

"My friend with you to live alone, 
were how much better than to own, 
a crown, a septre and a throne!
O strengthen me, enlighten me, 
I fade in this obscurity, 
thou dewy dawn of memory."

 A. Tennyson

We're here finally and it's starting to come together nicely. It's so good to be able to have out all the nice homely things we've been given as gifts over the years. I'd forgotten we even had some of them, such as about 3 different sets of little vintage spoons! Our cacti and succulents have also now settled peacefully in their forever home!
There'll no doubt be more photos here and there in the near future. It's just difficult to get photos of whole rooms when there's still quite a lot in bags and boxes!

I was walking down the street earlier today and found myself gazing at everything in a kind of awe. "Wow, I live here. This gorgeous tree lined avenue is where I live. These trees are mine." As you'll have gathered I bloody love this city. 

A bonus is that we have this little bit of garden. It's shared with the two tenants above but - even bigger bonus - neither have been known to use it in the 16 years they've lived here! Not that I'm against them using it, it just means it's practically all ours!
At the bottom of the garden is this curious little broken down building that's gone to rack and ruin. Probably the old maids quarters, it's too big to be just an old outhouse. I scrambled in to get some shots. It's cold, dark, overgrown and a little bit magical. Maybe clear it out and put some chairs in!?

We've got our flat warming happening soon which I hope the sun will be joining us for, not that I know how we're ever gonna fit everyone in.

Also, since this is a new start for me in my life, I kind of feel like cutting all my hair off...



  1. A new life is a good excuse to change your hair. I changed mine from blonde to pink haha.
    I love the just moved in feeling :) Such a cute garden too!

    1. Yeah it's definitely a good feeling. I bet pink was nice after being blonde, the two go well together too! :)