Thursday, 15 May 2014

Stationary Obsession

Okay, okay so I have a thing about stationary. My Pinterest page must have given me away! I know a lot of you may think this post pointless, but I just can't deny the joy that a little card with a cactus on brings me.
Stickers, notecards, journals, tape - put a cute design on it and I'll surely love it. I've never been so organised since I started this blog, I've surprised myself! It's even extended to expenses and budget planners (don't I sound fun?!)
Anyhoo I thought why not share with you guys the wonders within my ever growing stationary box...

I sent these notecards out to friends as 'our new address' cards.

And not forgetting the lovely cactus writing set mentioned here.

Circular stickers are from Letter C Design
Assorted brown notecards are from Paperchase
Set of 3 animal notebooks are by Solitare


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