Saturday, 29 March 2014

Current Loves: Cacti

Not just a current love, an ongoing life long love. Ben bought me a beautiful one for my birthday as well as a huge succulent. They currently live with him in Sheffield because I don't want to risk damaging them trying to transport them to York. Plus I'll be moving there myself next month (I've got a transfer with Sainsbury's!) so they're lapping up the sun on his windowsil for now. I can't wait to find a nice sunny corner for them when we get our own place.

Meanwhile, I've found and bought some other things to satisfy my cacti needs...

Kate Broughton

I found these nail transfers on etsy recently and squealed a little bit. I saw them, loved them and now I own them. They're by Kate Broughton and when I visited her full shop - oh my, there wasn't much I didn't want. I also bought the cacti writing set even though they're too nice to send to other people!

Something else I'd love to have in our flat is this 1870's Cactus Botanical Chromolithograph print. In a thin wooden frame it'd look great.
Lastly, for now, is this shower curtain. I just love it. Hopefully Ben will too, though I suppose he'll have to seeing as I've already bought it...Ha!

...and now I'm looking at holidays in Arizona...

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  1. Oh cacti are just great aren't they?! Although in the last couple of years I have gained a bad reputation at being able to keep them alive for whatever reason. It's kinda bad.

    1. Oh dear! I would have thought they were very difficult to kill. I always remember reading that they 'thrive on neglect', obviously not complete neglect!