Saturday, 5 March 2016

Hair Devotion

That time's rolled round again, it's been six months since my last hair cut and oh man do I know about it. I've been painfully aware of my hair recently, of how dry and dead the ends were and it just looked awful more often than not. 
Seeing as I don't have my hair cut very often and when I do, all I usually have done is a wash and cut, I shop around for the best price. So I had a look on Groupon and saw a deal for a local hairdressers I had never heard of. I was a bit weary at first seeing as it's in a pretty bad area of the city and I wondered how good it was gonna be if they needed to give huge discounts to get customers in. But I'm a tight arse so I went for it anyway.

How wrong I was to have judged! I had a wonderful experience! It's a new place called Hair Devotion on City Road in Sheffield. It's only been open for four weeks that's why the owner is giving out Groupon vouchers. She's called Carly and she couldn't have been nicer! She was really lovely and did me an awesome new cut. I've now got only the slightest bit of blonde left at the bottom and it feels so healthy. Not to mention that gorgeous 'just been to the salon' smell.

I would highly recommend this place if you're in Sheffield. There are still some vouchers available on Groupon too. Here's the before and after photos from the Hair Devotion Facebook page.

Ps. Not a sponsored post!


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