Sunday, 28 February 2016

Norton Cemetery

I was driving through my neighbourhood back to our house a few weeks ago and ended up taking a wrong turn. I found myself ascending up a really steep road for ages and ages and then suddenly on the crest there appeared all these ancient graves behind an old wall. I thought wow where the hell am I? It turns out it's Norton Cemetery and it's only a few streets away from me!
Ben and I went for a proper look around it on the morning of my birthday. It's set on six acres and has fantastic views of the Sheaf Valley and the city. I went again not long after with my mum to show her around it because she loves graveyards and cemeteries too. That's why some photo's are grey and misty and some are clearly taken on a sunny (but cold) day!
Mum was saying it would be interesting to see the names and info about the people buried here because they no doubt will have lived in this area and it would be nice to find someone who used to live in my house.




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