Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Big Quarter Century!

Last Saturday, on the 13th, I turned 25. On the morning me and Ben went for a walk around Norton Cemetery - post to come later. It's possibly the most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen and I never realised that it's actually only a few streets away from us (albeit all uphill).

After lunch we went to the cinema to see Spotlight which was really good. You can follow me on Mubi  and see my other film ratings here.

Then in the evening we went for Japanese food at Sakushi. We had a takeaway from them a while ago and it was delicious. When we're not familiar with a particular cuisine we just order loads of unusual sounding things. We ended up having a feast and it was awesome however they did forget one part of the order so they gave us a discount voucher for when you book a table at the restaurant. So we did and it was amazing.

We had all kinds of sushi, eel, octopus and even flying fish caviar which was bright red! I would definitely recommend it.


 Oh and look at this cake that Ben had the bakers at his work make especially for me. Four layers!!

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