Sunday, 14 February 2016

In Love With Zara


I was looking back through the photos on my camera the other day and noticed these on there. I took them at the end of December and then completely forgot about them.
This outfit is part of my Christmas present from Ben. He is so good at buying amazing presents for me (hello banjo!) and his strong point is fashion. He just knows exactly what I would wear.
He went on a Christmas shopping trip to Zara to get my gift, which ended up being a box full of gorgeous stuff. One thing was this shirt, it's one of two that he got me. I love the smart casualness of it. Then there's the skirt. Oh my God, this is one of those pieces that if I had seen it in Zara I would have bought it regardless of price. I absolutely love it. I'll have to show you the other shirt he got me some other time.
Well it was my birthday yesterday so I'm officially 25 now! I'll do a birthday post soon.
Happy Valentines Day

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