Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Snapshots from November 2014

Well I didn't manage to get all my christmas shopping done by the end of November. In fact I got exactly no christmas shopping done. So far I've bought one bit of Ben's present and I've literally just bought it five minutes ago. Spent a hell of a lot on myself though. Damn you Cyber Monday! Only joking I love you really.
November just went so quickly don't you think? I'm excited about December though, it'll be our first Christmas together in our own home. 

Anyway here's November's snapshots!

Finally got myself a new coat because it sure is cold out there now. This one, like all others before, will most likely be worn until it's falling to bits. 

My friend and old colleague from back in the day came to visit and brought as a gift a really cool screen print of.... cacti! We had a lovely day out and about in Sheffield and had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at Lucky Fox. So good.

Got crazy inspired at the annual print fairHow sweet are these tiny tote bags by the way!? Both Alex and I came away with lots of printed goodness. 

Ben graduated! Frank Gallagher from Shameless was there!

Someone pointed it out to me recently that I have a doppelganger in GTA V! She looks like a badass, I can dig it.

In other news

I'm carrying on a kind of family tradition of sorts. A hobby my mum and aunty used to do. I'll show you all when I've got my first one finished but until then I'm gonna keep it under wraps. It's looking good though!

Oh yeah and I'm also still in the middle of going blonde gradually. More on that later, not got it right yet.

What plans have you got for December?


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