Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Halloween's on the Horizon!

I know I'm gonna find it difficult to put into words how excited I am for Halloween - and I don't even have plans yet. Let's just say it's up there with Christmas for me. I just freakin' love everything about it! The decorating, dressing up, being cosy inside with friends when it's all cold, dark and autumny outside and of course all the black and orange...oh and pumpkins!
I've always loved dressing up, and I love to really go for it. If something's worth doing it's worth doing right, right down to having a real cigar to summon the spirit of Bonnie Parker...

That was my outfit last year. Dead Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunnaway version) but in trousers to show off the boots, which I'm sure will make an appearance in some of the autumn outfit posts. And yes I did buy a blonde wig for no other reason than to be Bonnie and no I haven't worn it since. Ha!
Oh and that's Ben below as Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Tour era.

Anyway it's got me thinking, who or what can I dress up as this year?

For a while we've said we need to do Gomez and Morticia Addams at some point but there's always been something else I've wanted to do more. Hmm I'll have to start having a good think about it now, I may need to buy props!

What are your plans for Halloween?


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