Monday, 16 November 2015

New November Knits From Schooner House

Hey guys, once again I've been busy knitting myself silly. On the upside though I've figured out how to make fingerless gloves. They're my greatest creation since the slipper socks!

Mustard Yellow Fingerless Gloves
I also made a grey pair as a custom order for a lady in my neighbourhood and I've also been making some new quote cards...
Though Lovers Be Lost, Love Shall Not
Isn't Life A Terrible Thing, Thank God?
I've finally created a Facebook page for my Etsy shop Schooner House so if you like what you see, pop over and check it out. I'm trying to spread the message that there are so many of us independent makers and creators out there who are pouring all our time and energy into these handmade creations. So please think of us as you do your Christmas shopping this year!

Oh and I've finally finished that embroidery that I was doing for our friend Joeley. At times I did feel like going down to the seas again....and walking straight into it! Haha nah, I am glad it's finished though. Can't wait to see it when it's been framed.


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