Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas Time

Hey guys, hope you've had a nice Christmas. I'm here to share a few pics from mine with you.

First of all is the photo above which is our haul from the Sheffield Jule Fest Christmas Market earlier in the month. There were so many lovely stalls and we ended up spending quite a lot that day!

These next ones are a few from our work xmas night out at the awesome Akbars curry house. Oh man the food there is so good and the naan bread was nearly as big as me! I could have gone out on the town with them all afterwards but I had to be at work at 7am the next day so I gave it a miss. I can't handle hangovers on a day off nevermind when there's a 5:30am alarm waiting for me!

Oh by the way did you guys know that me and my friend Beth are in a band together? Well where have you been!? We're Marble Orchard and we're a folky/bluesy duo. Anyway, a few weeks ago Beth went ahead and booked us to play our first gig at this place in Loughborough. I said yes straight away when she told me but then realised it was the same night as Ben's family Christmas meal in York! Shit! Beth was cursing me when I told her because it was too late to pull out. But here's the result. She felt the fear and did it anyway! I was so friggin' proud and what an awesome photo of her standing tall alone on stage. Kudos Beth.

Had my first ever eggnog this Christmas. Why did no one tell me there was such a thing as alcoholic custard!?!

Here we go then, Christmas day at Ben's parent's house in York. Yay food coma!

Check out my cape that Ben got me! He went on a huge shopping spree through Zara and got me loads of gorgeous stuff. Now I can swoosh around!

Hope you've all had a good time with your families again this year.
Happy New Year!


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