Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tramlines 2015

Every year in Sheffield we have our own music festival called Tramlines seeing as the city is covered with actual tramlines. Anyway, it's really good how it's set up because there are performances at different venues all over the city as well as a mainstage which is at a different location every year. We've had everyone from Public Enemy to our own not yet famous musicians play this festival. 

I had such a good time this year because of these guys! My good life long pals from high school Lee, Danny and Aron came to stay over and it just so happened to be the same weekend as Tramlines so I thought I'd show them the musical delights of Sheffield. These guys are seriously dear to me, I've known them since we were all thirteen and to be honest they haven't changed! They're still as goofy as ever, just with added beards!

The first night they stayed we just went to The Broadfield pub for a few drinks. We thought we'd better save ourselves for Saturday night which we planned to be the big one. 

On the Saturday we went to The University Arms which is a pub where my friend Al was playing that afternoon. We planned to stay there for a bit and then later that night go to The Shakespeare which throws an awesome mod/60's night. However, we were having such a good, chilled out time sat in the beer garden that we ended up drinking far too much, peaked too early and were all completely conked out by 7pm!!

This is Al and his drummer Corin, they're in a band called Lunar Maria. You should check them out!

We even randomly bumped into my cousins who had also come to Sheffield for the festival!

To end this post, I'd like to share with you a cracking photo which I absolutely love. Us lot in 2008 and us lot today. What a bunch of handsome lads they've become! haha


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