Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Project 365: Week 32

 Day 212: When we came back from Ben's parent's last weekend we brought back my old faithful Epiphone electric guitar. It's been sat at their house untouched for about three years and it was still perfectly in tune, the little trooper. 

Day 213: The last time I spoke about our new house was when I showed you guys round the living room. Now I've been inspired to transform the attic room into a proper bedroom and it looks so much better. I even bought a funky rug for it. I'll do a post at some point to show you the rest of the room.

Day 214: Did I mention I'm in a band? Haha yeah me and some of the guys from work have joined musical forces and I ended up meeting this gorgeous guy at band practise at Will's house. 

Day 215: We went to our neighbour's anniversary party at Haggler's Corner which they'd hired out for the occasion. It was such a nice place for that kind of thing that I'm thinking of stealing the idea and doing the same for my next birthday seeing as it will be the big quarter century!

Day 216: I came home from work the other day to discover Ben had baked a cake and I couldn't think why. Then I remembered, oh yes, it's our anniversary! I almost forgot because I shamefully let Ben choose his own present as I'm so bad at gifts. It was a garmin for his bike so when it arrived he used it straight away and so I didn't have a present to wrap for him. All was well though, he was so excited to use it and now I'm so excited to use my new kenwood electric hand mixer that he got me!

Day 217: The next day, special homemade anniversary burritos! 

Day 218: Whoops had a hair cut. More on that later though. In the meantime look at this cool filter that makes you look all robot-y!


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