Thursday, 18 June 2015

Project 365: Week 24

Day 156: So I came back from work and got ready to go out for a run only to be presented with this. Turns out I forgot to tax my car, whoops!

 Day 157: Me and Kelly went for coffee and to see a colleague on his last day at work. The gentleman behind happens to be our worst  favourite customer. 

Day 158: Nutella doughnut because why not?

Day 159: Sweet treats and notes from Ben. Doesn't it just make you sick.
Day 160: I've finished reading Eleanor Roosevelt's 'You Learn By Living' recently but I'm still waiting for Mary Roach's 'Stiff' to arrive because it's late. Grr.
Day 161: God it's all cars and food this week isn't it!? Oh well, everyone must surely love this one. It's my realistic dream car and it's gorrrgeous! I would love a mustard yellow fiat, maybe after this one I'll get one.
Day 162: The socks I'm making for my niece are starting to take shape. Just need to sew this one up now. If you don't already knit I must recommend it to you. It's so satisfying to create something, just look at that rib at the top! Beautiful!
Hope you're having a good week

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