Monday, 8 June 2015

Our New Home

Hey guys, so as you know we moved into our new place recently (an actual house!) so I thought I'd show you around a bit and share our lovely little space. I was going to do the whole house in one post like the last one, but we're currently waiting on a few more pieces of furniture like chest of drawers, bedside tables etc so there are still a few boxes in some rooms. 
We had a little house warming this weekend which I'll post about later this week, so we've done a lot of tidying and I thought I'd take that opportunity to take some photos. 


We've also got these two new plants as housewarming gifts from friends who came round for the gathering. This first one is the most unusual thing I've ever seen! It's amazing. Its a Euphorbia Lactea, otherwise known as dragon bones and I've just found out that it contains a 'poisonous milky latex'! Haha! Thanks Alex and Neil!

This one is from our friend Saffy and is a lovely little baby palm! She said there are the indoor types that stay relatively small and then there are the others which grow into massive palms and that she didn't actually know which one this was! Haha oh well it's cute and small for now at least.

Other rooms to come later!


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