Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Project 365: Week 23

Day 149: I love this little corner and I love my little 'me' room.
Day 150: So the booty shorts are officially out but they've not yet made it any further than the front steps. Maybe one day.

Day 151: Had an awesome time at our housewarming. Good food and good friends and even the neighbours cat thought it looked good enough to crash the party!

Day 152: Sugaring my doughnuts at work. It's the little things! 
Day 153: I did Park Run again and actually got my little barcode scanned this time so I showed up on the results page. Also, I improved my time by three minutes!
Day 154: More summer days, yes please!
Day 155: New plants bring a new appreciation of the living room. You can see more here.

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