Saturday, 4 April 2015

Snapshots from March 2015

Whoops, a bit late with this post, that's how fast March went by!

The People
Right let me think back, who have I seen this month... ah yes, this lot!

Stretched the old legs going up Stanage Edge and nestled into a corner with hot tea and good company, Neil and Alex. Check out Alex's post about it here.

Me and Lizzy spent a lesson mucking about which turned into attempted synchronized hooping which of course resulted in a video! Here's a clip of the bits that were in time so yeah it's only short! Haha there is a full version somewhere. I want her to send me the bad bits so I can make a 'hoopers bloopers' video!

We had so much fun working on our pair hoop timing last night! Full video coming soon! #allhoopedup #hoopdance #hooping #spinlizzy #hooppartner #ittakes2
Posted by All Hooped Up on Saturday, February 28, 2015
Okay so we may have been a bit cruel at work and thrown a birthday party including paper plates, party hats and a homemade cake for our colleague Nick - knowing he wouldn't be in that day. Heh heh! Don't worry he wasn't that mad... after he calmed down.  
The Hair 
Well, what can I say, I guess I was just having too much fun as a blonde! Nah, it just wasn't working for me - against me even, what with the damage. But hey ho what's done is done, it was an expensive mistake I wont be making again and I was craving that copper!
It's been ginger now for about two or three weeks and oh man, let me tell you, it ain't what it used to be! It's faded like crazy and every time it's washed, in freezing cold water may I add, the blonde slowly makes its way up to the surface so I'm currently rocking a very light, almost brassy ginger. Definitely more brass than copper but I'm just glad it's got some life back to it, it doesn't seem half as damaged as before.  
I think I'm going to leave it alone for a few months, then dye it dark ginger again in time for our holiday to Italy in August, then leave it completely and let my natural colour grow out. I promise, hair!
The Posts
♢ As mentioned above, had a lovely day out to Stanage Edge with some of the gang.
♢ Project 365 is coming along nicely, not missed any weeks yet! This month has seen weeks nine, ten, eleven and twelve.
♢ Seen the beauty that is Gillies Fabrics in York. I think Ben wants to go too now that he's gone pouch mad.
♢  Lastly and most importantly, my new series for the blog, The Creative Directory. My weekly posts to promote independents. The first two have been on Plum And Pigeon and Ella Osborne.
In other news
☞ There's a new love in my life, my banjo. Still can't believe it. It's a beauty and sounds incredible. I'm learning quite fast too, I've got Cripple Creek under my belt and now I'm learning Foggy Mountain Breakdown. I'll probably post some videos when I get a bit better.
☞ I've agreed to do, but not signed up for yet, the Escrick 10k this summer with my sister and possibly two of my brothers. I went out for a run the other weekend to get back into it and discovered as I got back that my key wasn't in my pocket anymore. Bollocks. So I wasted two hours of my Sunday waiting for Ben to get back from his bike ride about fifty miles away! It wasn't so bad though, I just sat in the garden and played with some tiny snails.

☞ I'm so excited for next month, me and Ben have found an amazing house that we'll be moving into so there'll no doubt be a post about that!
☞ Also, watch out for mine and Alex's up coming blog series collaboration!
PS If you missed Snapshots from February 2015, you can see it here.
Hope you're all having a good Easter weekend!

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