Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Project 365: Week 13

Day 79: Me and Ben made a pouch each last week and Ben enjoyed it so much he went straight out the next day to get more fabric and zips and a brand new shiny pair of tailors scissors! 

 Day 80: Speaking of pouches, this is one we made together for our friend Claire's birthday. Ben made the pouch itself and I embroidered a little message that was sewn onto the inside. I'm just impressed that she managed to get a good photo of the whole thing! 

Day 81: We went to the Seven Hills Bakery pizza night for tea on Thursday. It's a new monthly thing they're doing which is cool, it's a good way to gather people together. There were a few local shop owners from the street in there too which was nice.

Day 82: I'm being bakery trained at work at the moment (yay!) so I've had to go in an hour earlier which means I get to drive through gorgeous lighting. This was the view at 6am.

Day 83: Big strong Mickey watches the world go by....  

...but it's a tiring job.

Day 84: Did an outfit shoot for the first time in ages (coming soon!) and was blown away.

Day 85: At work we've started a weekly cheesecake olympics (what a beautiful phrase!) We're all taking part, including Andy the big burly security guard who I've heard makes the best nutella cheesecake ever! I've started off the competition with a good old vanilla one.


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