Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Creative Directory: Plum And Pigeon

 Hey everybody, so The Creative Directory is a new series I'm doing to promote the work of creative independents. They might be artists, cafe's, dressmakers, local or from afar, it doesn't matter. If you're creating handmade products for the world to enjoy then you'll find yourself supported here, so let's get started with the first post!
                                                            PLUM AND PIGEON
In a Sentence:

"Vintage inspired clothing, handmade in Manchester." Made with Liberty fabrics may I add!!

Sample The Goods:

Navy spotty dress
1950's inspired circle skirt 

Liberty print dress
1950's inspired polka dot dress

My Favourite:
Lordy Lord A WILLIAM MORRIS DRESS!!! I absolutely love William Morris and I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I don't think these particular ones have been listed yet or maybe they're just sold out (I wouldn't be surprised) but I can't find them to buy one. My God I'm gonna though!

As you can see, absolutely gorgeous garments handmade just across the Peaks from me. I've only recently discovered them but I'm so glad I have. That dress is number one on my 'things I can't really afford but am gonna buy anyway' list. The only other thing I need in addition to these dresses is an old-timey porch to enjoy them on.
They also treat us to some lovely behind the scenes photos such as these.


Oh and if you're in the Chester area on the 29th of March, you'll be able to catch Plum and Pigeon at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair and bag yourself something beautiful and handmade.

Where you can find them:


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