Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Project 365: Week 12

Day 72: Look at these little cuties I found in Plantology! (ps just found out the tall one next to our tv will one day grow to be 10ft!)

Day 73: I'm doing what I always do, starting a project that's way above the limit of my abilities and expecting it to be a complete success - LOL. My new sewing project is a bloody pair of trousers and it's not half difficult! I'm determind to take my time and do it properly though. Hopefully soon I'll be doing a post about how well they came out!  

Day 74: Breakfast at Marmaduke's with Alex. It's either gonna be a full english or pancakes! 

 Day 75: It has arrived!! That feeling when you would really love something but you don't think you'll ever have it and then it appears in front of you! Oh it sounds so beautiful too. I'm in love.

Day 76: You can't go far in this city before you find some Phlegm
Day 77: I made myself a little make up bag/pouch to match my trousers!. As I'm writing this, Ben is on the sewing machine making his own little cycling pouch.  

Day 78: If you're a candle kind of person and are looking for something new I would definitely recommend this aloe water yankee candle. The smell is gorgeous and is very much there! I swear you can smell it even if you haven't been burning it.

Hope you're enjoying your week!

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