Thursday, 5 March 2015

Project 365: Week 9

Day 51: Remember I said I'd bought some material recently? Well I've begun making a polka dot dress with it! Yay! Photo was taken before I realised I don't have enough material. Sigh. 

Day 52: I've found my next hair goal. This is the colour for me. Hopefully it'll look as good as it does on Kerry here. Oh man I love it! I'm gonna take my time with it though, let my hair recover from the bleaching first!

Day 53: I was lured into the magical colourful nail varnish den in Meadowhall and came out with five newbies which I'll be reviewing when I've tried them all but it may be a few weeks from now because these beauties last! 

Day 54: Getting card orders ready to send. Must catch the post! You can see my shop here.

Day 55: Ooh baby do I love that Ben works in a bakery! Croissants with Nutella for breakfast everyday!

Day 56: Now these last two are cheats really, they're not actually my photos. They're what Ben has taken on his bike rides out in the Peaks which I thought were too good not to share. 

Day 57: Look at that sea of mist!


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