Thursday, 26 February 2015

Project 365: Week 8

Day 44: Ben brings back all kinds of weird and wonderful plants and flowers from the wholesale markets. This one's a yellow Mimosa.

Day 45: Beautiful colours in the sky.

Day 46: Apparently my mug at work was smashed while I was on holiday but the culprit was nice enough to replace it!

Day 47: Took my car to be serviced in York and had a few hours spare before meeting up with my dad and sister so I popped in for a sugary breakfast at Spring Espresso.

Day 48: I've been on a mission lately to stock up on fabric and sewing patterns. Look at this beauteous sight!!

Day 49: ...and after visiting a few more fabric shops I have a nice little collection to begin with.

Day 50: House hunting with Nikki. Fingers crossed we'll all end up living near each other. 

Hope your weeks going well!


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