Friday, 20 February 2015

Starry Night Nails

Having two weeks off work brings a world of joy to me. Lying in, having breakfast at 8 rather than 6 and most enjoyably, being able to have painted nails! There's just something about freshly painted nails that's so satisfying. I love nail art and nail stickers and for some reason I seem to be drawn to really bright, garish colours. I believe I once had neon yellow toe nails which was... well, not a good look really. 
And you know what I've found out and you probably have too, that the best nail varnishes I've got are the really cheap ones I've picked up here and there. The cheap and cheerful ones always seem to be thicker and last longer before they start to chip. That being said though, I can't say I've ever really splashed out on any and I know there are some stupidly expensive ones out there. 
But yeah, these two are pretty cheap but they're very reliable. I really like how they look. I've been jazzing them all up with glittery top coats recently. 

I've been trying to leave my cuticles alone recently because when I try to groom them in any way they just get all torn up and look gross! I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but for now I'm not doing anything to them except put this hand cream on them that Alex got me for my birthday which is gorgeous.


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