Monday, 7 July 2014

Welcome to...

Good afternoon!
You may or may not have noticed that I've not been around lately. Well there's good reason for it! I've been working on my range of cards and by working on I mean of course a continuous cycle of drawing, scanning, illustrating and printing... and repeating! Haha I'm not complaining though, it's been such good fun and so exciting to see the design I had in my mind finally become a tangible end product.
The design is inspired by art nouveau (love love love!) and an old friend of mine called Jasper who lived in a jar in my bedroom - but that's a whole other story..

Then I thought to myself someone out there might like these, so I'll make them and sell them, and if nobody likes them then I'll just make them for my own pleasure! So welcome to my Etsy shop, Schooner House

Have a look around, not that there's much in at the moment but I hope you see something you like!

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