Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fifi Sweetpea

If you haven't heard of Fifi Sweetpea, then you're about to now. This post is to show you all another talent in the World, who also happens to be my sister!
If you like cutesy, crocheted critters and whatnot then take a look. Each piece is handmade and take it from me - many hours are put in to each one.

Crocheted Fly

Her tagline for her brand is 'Happiness Is Handmade' and she's all about things being handmade with a lot of love put into them and that's what makes her happy. She's very much into nature and the outdoors, you can find out more about her on her own blog too.

There are brooches, pincushions, doilys and she's just recently finished knitting herself a shrug. A labour of love if ever I've seen one! One of my favourite things that she's made, and this wont come as a surprise to anyone:

Cactus Pincushions!

Come on, what did you expect! 

She has a studio at Bar Lane Studios in York. They're pretty cool too, they hold regular screen printing and lino printing classes.

Crocheted Ladybird
Original design Bumblebee with crocheted wings

Colour Changing Crocheted Coasters!

Caterpillars on leaves

Hope you enjoyed!
If you've seen something you liked, check out her shop here.


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