Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Project 365: Week 5

Day 29: We've had some serious snow around these parts!

Day 30: Whoopsy, found a Christmas present for Ben from his Grandparents under the bed!

Day 31: CHRIST look at those roots. They'll be dealt with this weekend methinks. That's one whole month of growth.

Day 32: Little Tobe having a snuggle down on the settee at mum's.

Day 33: I was at my mum's for a craft weekend with my niece Holly. She's only got one brother so she loved having a girly weekend with us!

Day 34: I'm so bummed that this is such bad quality and I'm gonna try to get another one, but I love seeing the sunrise above the building tops when I get to work. 

Day 35: Found a really sweet, old grave yard in Doncaster.


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