Sunday, 1 February 2015

Snapshots from January 2015

This must be one of the first years that I've thought January has gone quite slowly. Normally it flies by without me noticing but it feels like it's been twice as long! I'm excited for February though, it's my 24th this month!!

On the 3rd I finally took the plunge and tried blonde. Sure as hell doesn't look like this anymore!

I found an old report/project thing that my mum did on handwriting. (She's a calligrapher remember?). This is one of the sheets from it. 

Had some quality alone time in that cool run down barn that I found in York.

Started my Project 365 which to be honest so far has been mostly pictures of pancakes. I ain't complaining. You can see weeks one, two, three and four if you missed them.

I've started making these embroideries. I've taken a few to be framed so it shouldn't be long until they're in my Etsy shop. I'll be doing a post on them soon.

Had an awesome adventure weekend with Beth!

In Other News

I had a film from my Konica Minolta developed the other day. I'm kicking myself again for not using it enough because there are photos on there from August. It's nice to have them but I don't look anything like how I do on them now! For one my hair is twice as long and a different colour.
Anyway, here are a few of them for good measure...

Only twelve days left of being 23!


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